WTF is Go-To-Market?

A five-week short course for B2B product marketers to get the skills, confidence, and tools to build a customer-focused go-to-market strategy.

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Just £995 for 40+ hours of LIVE and recorded training.
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For product marketers, by product marketers

Go-to-market strategy is critical for sustainable business growth. But theory means nothing if it's not delivering value to you and your business.

WTF is GTM is for marketers aspiring to build their product marketing foundations for career development and business growth.

  • Build a go-to-market strategy based on direct product marketing experience
  • Grow faster equipped with a broad range of different go-to-market strategies, methodologies, and levers
  • Learn from real experiences from product marketers who've scaled companies from early stage to IPO

Live lectures

Understand core concepts

Weekly live lectures, themed course modules, and async office hours help you explore concepts and examples, and ask questions.

Make weekly progress

Learn by doing

Get a kit of practical templates and weekly homework to define + document your GTM strategy -  putting principles into practice.

Learn from others

Grow your network

Build a close-knit community of allies on the same journey, with similar goals, who want to support your business and career growth.

Five week product marketing bootcamp

We'll guide you from ground zero through to fully-formed strategy. You'll get access to 15+ templates that provide critical structure to help you evolve as a product marketer, long after the course ends.

Understand the GTM framework

Walk through the foundational components of a GTM strategy that stands the test of time.

Know customer so well, it's your superpower

Get inside the head of your customer to truly understand their needs and goals.

Define your value proposition

Set yourself up to build something unique that shines in a crowded market.

Communicate your strategy so people get it

Know hot to target positioning and messaging by audience - from customers to stakeholders

Take your product to market, efficiently

Take all the chaos and ‘thinking’ work out of launching new products.

Iterate to success without losing pace

Test and iterate for continued success without sacrificing results along the way.

Hear from our community

40% of students received promotions within six months of completing the course.
Laura S
Product Marketing Manager
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"This course gave me the confidence to evolve and better advocate the product marketing function at my company. Alicia and James not only provided us with technical knowledge but with real use cases and templates that I could apply instantly in my current projects. 

"In only 5 weeks I was able to refine my GTM framework for market expansion and product launches; revisit our value proposition messages and have a better understanding and relationship with my sales and product colleagues! I wouldn’t be able to achieve it without my cohort colleagues.

"The community is unique, diverse and always willing to provide you feedback and recommendations to excel in your career. I highly recommend this course to first and solo product marketers in startups in order to help them to achieve full alignment with their internal stakeholders without losing the customer focus."
Ellen H
Product Marketing Manager
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"WTF is GTM was incredibly helpful in growing my GTM strategy and Product Marketing skills. For someone who normally doesn't love courses, this course was incredibly insightful and engaging, and really helped elevate my skills as a Product Marketer. You can bring all of the content and learnings straight into your day to day, from product launches to product messaging.

"I can't thank Alicia and James enough for all of the content and guidance over the past 5 weeks.

"I would recommend this course for anyone in Product Marketing at B2B start-ups!"
Ellie L
Head of Product Marketing
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"In just several weeks, I've applied so many practical learnings to my job. The course has made me feel way more confident in my role and I'm adding a tonne more value and customer-focus to my company.

"The community is so supportive and helpful, and having access to the online portal and slack channel makes me feel support that I'll have long-term connections to smart, engaged PMMs. Great and super engaging course!"
Imi R
Product Marketing Manager
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"In just 6 weeks, my knowledge has been elevated beyond my imagination. My fundamental understanding of Go-To-Market has evolved, and now I bring more clarity and confidence to my work, everyday.

"I can't thank Alicia and James enough, along with the wider course community, for building such a supportive space to learn.

"We all truly leveled up together."
Caroline L
Product Marketing Manager
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"This course - and the supportive community that comes with it - has acted as a trusty GPS as I navigate building effective go-to-markets, tackle positioning projects, and run research to uncover customer needs.

"WTF is Go-To-Market has helped me understand how I can maximize my impact as a product marketer - I'm forever grateful! I'd highly recommend this course to any PMM aiming to develop a more strategic mindset and practices in their day-to-day."
Silvan T
Head of Product Marketing
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"There is so much information about Product Marketing readily available, but it's sometimes hard to connect the dots and really understand how it's applied in the field.

"Learning from Alicia's and James' first hand experiences and seeing how they implemented and perfected some key concepts over time, really inspires to apply the same to my own situation.

"If you are looking to foster your understanding of what customer-centric Product Marketing truly is and get hands-on guidance on how to implement in your business, this course is for you."
Georgie B
Product Marketing Manager
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"Before I started this course, I knew what I needed to do as a Product Marketer, but was struggling to understand how I could tie everything together to make the most impact in my role.

"After doing this course my confidence in my ability to do and exceed at my role has hugely improved. I finally feel like I have a blueprint to help me succeed and I’m excited to be part of a community of like minded people working on similar challenges!

"For any solo marketers in early stage start-ups I would highly recommend this course, both to set yourself solid foundations, and so you can become part of a network of people facing similar challenges together!"
Brian G
Sr. Director Product Strategy
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"The course is very practical. It takes your current situation and gives you a framework to focus on the most important things for driving success for your business, from a marketing perspective.

"The course gave me the tools to really think about how our business connects with customers, how we articulate our value and differentiation, and how to measure that you're constantly on the right track. And it was all grounded in real-life examples and discussions.

"I would highly recommend this to both marketing leaders and start-up executive teams that need to make sure that every group is in alignment."
Amanda H
Head of Marketing
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"Product marketing is a completely new world for me and the company I work for. This course has trained me to have a solid foundation of what skills and best practices are required to run a proper product go-to-market plan. I feel confident in taking what I learned and leading our new product arm of the business.

"Beyond the skills, the people and the new community I know have to share and learn from is incredible. Inspirational and empowering. Alicia and James have been brilliant instructors and I wish I could take the course again!"
Ilona K
Product Marketing Manager
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"This course is a MUST, no matter where you are in your professional journey as a product marketer."

"It provides an opportunity to build a fundamental understanding of what go-to-market strategy is all about.

"Each module is comprehensive and offers a variety of learning methods. This course increased my knowledge and encouraged me to grow professionally."
Marie B 
Sr Product Marketing Manager
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"Well worth the investment!"

"This course equipped me with frameworks to become a more effective product marketer and convey the value of the function within my company.

"The weekly office hours were great for connecting with fellow product marketers, discussing the applications of the course material and sharing advice."
Jack P
Product Marketing Manager
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"Quite simply the best thing I could have done as a product marketer."

"I've spent my career to date largely executing quick and short term wins at startups. I joined WTF IS GTM to broaden my skillset, looking to become a less reactive product marketer and more of a strategic led one.

"The course gave me the skills, frameworks, and best practices (that i still lean on), while also giving me the confidence and sounding board to start implementing strategic projects straight away.

"It's unlocked a new way of thinking around product marketing, and a new community to learn from too.

Meet your instructors

Alicia Carney

12+ years scaling fast-paced startups resulting in one merger, one acquisition, and one IPO. Writer, Finding Customer Focus

🏆 Shortlisted, Product Marketer of the Year 2021
🏗️ Built two early stage B2B marketing teams from scratch
🌟 Top 5% performer for 3 years at Deliveroo

James Doman-Pipe

12+ year product marketer specializing in the needs of early-stage tech startups.
Writer, Building Momentum.

⭐ Top 100 Product Marketing Influencer, 2022
🏆 Positioning & Messaging Maestro of the Year, 2021
📈 Specialized expertise in high-growth startups

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  • Five week live course
  • 40+ hours of learning
  • 10+ hours of live sessions
  • 30+ hours of written and video content
  • 10+ product marketing templates
  • Slack community of your peers for ongoing support
  • Homework assignments to put your new skills to the test
  • Certificate of completion

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  • Five week live course
  • 40+ hours of learning
  • 10+ hours of live sessions
  • 30+ hours of written and video content
  • 10+ product marketing templates
  • Slack community of peers for ongoing support
  • Homework assignments to put your new skills to the test
  • Certificate of completion

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